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Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Many people suffer both mentally and physically for skin problems. If the skin problem arises in any position of face then this is very sensitive topic. Fordyce spots on lips is one of the common skin problems found both in men and women.

These Fordyce Spots are skin colored, or yellow-white, or pale red small raised area or bumps that may appear not only on lips but also on different body parts. These spots are very light in some people and found very deeply in some persons that the spots can be counted on lips. If the Fordyce spots on lips are more in number then it may form plaques on lips. People feel very awkward due to this reason. Especially women are suffered more for this. Fordyce spots is not a contagious disease. Actually when the sebaceous glands under the skin become overactive, this skin problem arises. This can be reduced in any age and the reducing procedures are entirely cosmetic procedures.

Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Some procedures of Fordyce spots removal are discussed below. It will help you to get rid of this skin problem.


Tretinoin gel or cream can be used to remove Fordyce spots on lips. This tretinoin gel or cream with the combination of alpha hydroxy acid agents can be applied to remove the spots on the lips. You may apply it once in a day on your lips to get a good result.


Accutane is stronger than tretinoin and this is an oral drug. This can be effective for chronic Fordyce spots Accutane is not a stout procedure because, it is less robust and always not successfully provide the desired result. You cannot use it without doctor's prescription. This is strictly restricted for pregnant women because it can cause premature birth and other fatal malformations in pregnant women. Accutane reduce the oil produced by the sebaceous glands on the skin and may reduce the spots. But there is chance that the Fordyce may return when you stop using Accutane.

Wart Removal Procedures

You can also apply wart removal procedures to remove your Fordyce spots on lips. This procedure includes freezing or burning the Fordyce spots on lips. A burn tool is used to remove the spots in the burning procedure and freezing procedure implemented with liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen. Both the procedures are very painful and may not successful for all the time. It may leave scratch marks on your skin.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is an effective method for Fordyce spots removal. But this treatment is very expensive. You have to take help of a doctor for better result and proper treatment. This treatment may not provide you the best result in once but it will be effective if you use this with proper supervision.

These are some procedures that can be used to remove Fordyce spots on your lips. But before using any one of this you should consult with a doctor. You can get better result if you will apply it with a doctor's advice. Hopefully these procedures will help you to solve this skin problem easily.

Hope Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips article has brought to the useful information for you.