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Fordyce Spots Symptoms and Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots Symptoms and Fordyce Spots Treatment

On a morning like any morning before you wake up to the job of your personal hygiene is still the same as always, and you suddenly realize, on your lips appear tiny dots, they are very small, and you have to put it close to the mirror to see the tiny blisters are present on the lips. At first you do not feel anxious, and worry about them because you think they also like other acne will disappear after one or several days. But by the end of the week when you see little dots on lips still there. You start to feel anxious, and try to find ways to remove the small white dots on lips.

Fordyce Spots Symptoms & Fordyce Spots Treatment

This is one of the outward manifestations of Fordyce spots on the lips, you do not worry excessively, because the rate of Fordyce spots are very high, accounting for 90% in men and 50% in women, and the expression levels is very much different. Fordyce spots are mainly found in the genitals, but sometimes they are also found in the back, groin, hands and feet, Fordyce spots on lips are more popular every boss, just after Fordyce spots on genitals.

Fordyce Spots Symptoms

Fordyce spots so popular, but they are rarely mentioned and discussed. Here is the original expression of Fordyce spots, we tentatively called Fordyce spots Symptoms, and 

Fordyce spots on lips signs include:

-         Small white dots on lips

-         Small bumps on lips

-         Yellow spots on lips

-         Little white bumps on lips

-         Tiny white bumps on lips

-         White marks in lips

-         White patches on lips

-         Spots on corners of lips

Fordyce spots Symptoms with an overview include:

They are the small, light-colored glaze (sometimes the same color of skin, pale yellow or pale pink), diameter of about 1-3 mm in winning, may be seen on:

Shaft of the penis (in men)

The scrotum (in men)

On lip and face (vermilion border)

Labia (in women)

On the penis glans/shaft, scrotum and labia, they manifest as a red rash which he or bug net, or bright purple, like an injury. They may be alone but there are 50 or 100 points. They are not painful or irritating to have them. They are simply the abnormal blood vessels dilate, and is covered by skin thickening....

Fordyce Spots Treatment

Food intolerance and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, especially foods rich in vitamin B, D, A, C, E, and vitamin K.

Keeping the mouth clean.

Apply to the aqueous medium orange, lemon, or sour-tasting fruits.

Burning Fordyce spots using a laser.

What to do after burning Fordyce spots using laser

Wash your face twice daily with warm boiled water.

Dry and cream anti-infective to the skin to be treated 2 times/day in the first 3 days, then can use Vaseline / lotion.

Skin may become scaly and dark for a week, do not remove the scabs off.

After peeling scabs, you should use sunscreen to protect the new skin is immature.

It is possible to cold towels to the skin being treated, and high pillows while sleeping to reduce swelling.

You can use panadol to relieve pain.

You should check back a week after the start of treatment

You should call the treating physician, if you see a fever, redness or what do you have to worry.

There are fordyce spots symptoms and fordyce spots treatment, the most common signs, and the treatment is the most widely applied.