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Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Many people suffer both mentally and physically for skin problems. If the skin problem arises in any position of face then this is very sensitive topic. Fordyce spots on lips is one of the common skin problems found both in men and women.

These Fordyce Spots are skin colored, or yellow-white, or pale red small raised area or bumps that may appear not only on lips but also on different body parts. These spots are very light in some people and found very deeply in some persons that the spots can be counted on lips. If the Fordyce spots on lips are more in number then it may form plaques on lips. People feel very awkward due to this reason. Especially women are suffered more for this. Fordyce spots is not a contagious disease. Actually when the sebaceous glands under the skin become overactive, this skin problem arises. This can be reduced in any age and the reducing procedures are entirely cosmetic procedures.

Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Some procedures of Fordyce spots removal are discussed below. It will help you to get rid of this skin problem.


Tretinoin gel or cream can be used to remove Fordyce spots on lips. This tretinoin gel or cream with the combination of alpha hydroxy acid agents can be applied to remove the spots on the lips. You may apply it once in a day on your lips to get a good result.


Accutane is stronger than tretinoin and this is an oral drug. This can be effective for chronic Fordyce spots Accutane is not a stout procedure because, it is less robust and always not successfully provide the desired result. You cannot use it without doctor's prescription. This is strictly restricted for pregnant women because it can cause premature birth and other fatal malformations in pregnant women. Accutane reduce the oil produced by the sebaceous glands on the skin and may reduce the spots. But there is chance that the Fordyce may return when you stop using Accutane.

Wart Removal Procedures

You can also apply wart removal procedures to remove your Fordyce spots on lips. This procedure includes freezing or burning the Fordyce spots on lips. A burn tool is used to remove the spots in the burning procedure and freezing procedure implemented with liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen. Both the procedures are very painful and may not successful for all the time. It may leave scratch marks on your skin.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is an effective method for Fordyce spots removal. But this treatment is very expensive. You have to take help of a doctor for better result and proper treatment. This treatment may not provide you the best result in once but it will be effective if you use this with proper supervision.

These are some procedures that can be used to remove Fordyce spots on your lips. But before using any one of this you should consult with a doctor. You can get better result if you will apply it with a doctor's advice. Hopefully these procedures will help you to solve this skin problem easily.

Hope Removal Procedures of Fordyce Spots On Lips article has brought to the useful information for you.
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Fordyce Spots Symptoms and Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots Symptoms and Fordyce Spots Treatment

On a morning like any morning before you wake up to the job of your personal hygiene is still the same as always, and you suddenly realize, on your lips appear tiny dots, they are very small, and you have to put it close to the mirror to see the tiny blisters are present on the lips. At first you do not feel anxious, and worry about them because you think they also like other acne will disappear after one or several days. But by the end of the week when you see little dots on lips still there. You start to feel anxious, and try to find ways to remove the small white dots on lips.

Fordyce Spots Symptoms & Fordyce Spots Treatment

This is one of the outward manifestations of Fordyce spots on the lips, you do not worry excessively, because the rate of Fordyce spots are very high, accounting for 90% in men and 50% in women, and the expression levels is very much different. Fordyce spots are mainly found in the genitals, but sometimes they are also found in the back, groin, hands and feet, Fordyce spots on lips are more popular every boss, just after Fordyce spots on genitals.

Fordyce Spots Symptoms

Fordyce spots so popular, but they are rarely mentioned and discussed. Here is the original expression of Fordyce spots, we tentatively called Fordyce spots Symptoms, and 

Fordyce spots on lips signs include:

-         Small white dots on lips

-         Small bumps on lips

-         Yellow spots on lips

-         Little white bumps on lips

-         Tiny white bumps on lips

-         White marks in lips

-         White patches on lips

-         Spots on corners of lips

Fordyce spots Symptoms with an overview include:

They are the small, light-colored glaze (sometimes the same color of skin, pale yellow or pale pink), diameter of about 1-3 mm in winning, may be seen on:

Shaft of the penis (in men)

The scrotum (in men)

On lip and face (vermilion border)

Labia (in women)

On the penis glans/shaft, scrotum and labia, they manifest as a red rash which he or bug net, or bright purple, like an injury. They may be alone but there are 50 or 100 points. They are not painful or irritating to have them. They are simply the abnormal blood vessels dilate, and is covered by skin thickening....

Fordyce Spots Treatment

Food intolerance and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, especially foods rich in vitamin B, D, A, C, E, and vitamin K.

Keeping the mouth clean.

Apply to the aqueous medium orange, lemon, or sour-tasting fruits.

Burning Fordyce spots using a laser.

What to do after burning Fordyce spots using laser

Wash your face twice daily with warm boiled water.

Dry and cream anti-infective to the skin to be treated 2 times/day in the first 3 days, then can use Vaseline / lotion.

Skin may become scaly and dark for a week, do not remove the scabs off.

After peeling scabs, you should use sunscreen to protect the new skin is immature.

It is possible to cold towels to the skin being treated, and high pillows while sleeping to reduce swelling.

You can use panadol to relieve pain.

You should check back a week after the start of treatment

You should call the treating physician, if you see a fever, redness or what do you have to worry.

There are fordyce spots symptoms and fordyce spots treatment, the most common signs, and the treatment is the most widely applied.
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Overview of Fordyce Spots On Lips

When I started writing this blog, I want it to be like a diary, record the main em when I'm trying to remove Fordyce spots, I did and this blog was the diary of my own, I am surprised to see more people come to know my blog from google search, I realized Fordyce spots on lips is not my own problems, but there are many out there who are faced with it and then I decided to do my own diary becomes more cycle adjustment, so that I can share insights myself about Fordyce spots on lips to everyone. Those who are having problems with it as I previously.

Overview of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Personally I'm a man with Fordyce spots on lips, they're really made ​​me sorrow and hesitant face contact with people, it makes me feel confident down, slobbering sounds like, because I was a man. But if you are here, it means that you are going through a similar phase I went through. You want to know what are Fordyce spots on lips, why do I get themhow to treat fordyce spots, prevent, or remove Fordyce spots on lips, but you do not want to spend to much time on a tiny blog, I have received feedback such as they try to get information on this blog, or complain that there are many duplicate information relative repeated many times, I'm sorry about that, here I will say briefly what to know Fordyce spots on the lips.

What are fordyce spots on lips?

- They are the result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands under the skin. (sebaceous glands produce sebum to help prevent chapped skin and dry skin.)

- It is the specks appear on the lips, usually colored white, yellow-white, they are red spots on lips.

- They can appear very little or linked into thick clouds.

- They can occur in both the upper lip and lower lip (Fordyce spots are more common in reproductive organs)

- They are very popular among men is 90% of the population, women are 50% of the population, Fordyce spots appear sparse, they received little attention and concern.

- They are harmless for human health

- Fordyce spots are not itchy, if itching is your problem, or fordyce spots on lips is hurt, see your doctor immediately.

Why do you get Fordyce spots on lips?

- Fordyce spots are not infections from one person to another.

- Fordyce spots are not the expression of any pathological

- Fordyce spots on lips is not the result of oral sex

- Fordyce spots on lips appear just when you were born, but you can not see them until you enter pubertyThe sebaceous glands overactive making them visible to the naked eye.

- They occur in people with active sebaceous glands, and very strong (producing excess sebum).

How to treat fordyce spots on lips?

- Laser therapy with CO2 vapor quickly result in removal Fordyce spots.

- Patience can be applied to the lips of lemon juice 2 times a day for 3 weeks, or acidic fruits (the fruits are sour), you can also use apple cider vinegar for Fordyce spots on lips. Fordyce spots remission and they will gradually disappear.

Fordyce spots on lips overview the end.
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Fordyce Spots on Lips Removal

Fordyce spots on lips is a common condition of the skin. Fordyce spots on lips are found in 70% of men and 50% in women, with the state and various manifestations, some people have Fordyce spots on the lips very sparse, consisting of a few points can be counted, but some one Fordyce spots on the lips is quite strong, the number of multiple Fordyce spots, they can form plaques on lips.

Fordyce spots appear mainly on the skin, but most of it is quite difficult to identify, easy to identify them in the face and genitalia, fordyce spots on labia minora in women makes them confused, especially Fordyce spots on lips adversely affect the patient, it does not affect and cause any discomfort to the patient about health perspective, you should know that Fordyce spots on lips can be reduced without interfering with time and age of the patient.

Fordyce spots on lips is not a contagious disease, it is the result of the sebaceous glands under the skin become overactive. The reason for getting rid of fordyce spots on lips would be purely cosmetic.

Fordyce Spots on Lips Removal

Tretinoin gel or cream

Picture Fordyce Spots on Lips Women
When the Fordyce spots on lips appear sparse, Fordyce spots on lips removal fast as you achieve the desired effect, with the use of tretinoin gel. Tretinoin gel or cream may be an effective treatment for Fordyce spots on lips if you apply it once a day and your lips. You can use Tretinoin gel or cream combination with alpha hydroxy acid agents, which exfoliate your skin. Tretinoin gel is mainly used to treat acne.


Accutane is considered stronger than tretinoin, and for a chronic case of Fordyce. They are called the generic name is istotretinoin. It is an oral drug, doctors often prescribe for patients with acne treatment, in the case of acne can present serious and heavy, acne treatment has been treated with methods less robust did not bring the desired results and failed. You will need a prescription for Accutane. Pregnant women are not prescribed to accutanne because it can cause premature birth and fetal malformations. Accutane reduces the amount of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin produce (Fordyce spots on the lips is not an infectious disease, but excessive Merely là activity of the sebaceous glands), so Fordyce may return when you stop using accutane use.

Wart Removal Methods

You can also be used to specify the method to remove warts' to fordcye spots on lips treatment, including burning or freezing of Fordyce spots. The Fordyce spots on lips can be removed using a power tool to burn, or use an acidic compound to treat. You may also be designated to freeze the Fordyce spots on lips with liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2. The intervention is painful and not always effective. Burning or freezing of Fordyce spots can leave scars on the skin.

Laser Evaporation

Using laser to remove Fordyce spots on lips are more efficient, comes with good treatment result is higher costs. You have to go to the doctor's office a few times to get the best treatment results and thoroughly.

If this is your first time visiting this blog, I hope that you have found the answer and solution to the problem of fordyce spots on your lips. Hopefully next time you are here only to inform us you've successfully when tried fordyce spots on lips removal. Good luck.
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Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatment

Fordyce spots on lips or Fordyce particles can appear on different parts of the body, they are common in the reproductive organs of men and women (In men Fordyce spots may appear on shaft of the penis, fordyce spots on scrotum, fordyce spots on glans are also very popular. In women who can see Fordyce spots on vulva,fordyce spots around vulva or fordyce spots on labia ( a part of it) and may be fordyce spots all over labia), they are also found in the breast of both genders, sometimes when they are also found in the back, and not the exception, including the lips.

Fordyce points is small and they often appear white to yellow-white or color does not cause pain for the patient. Fordyce spot on the lips is not an infectious disease, but merely that the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands produce oil to help prevent skin from drying out and cracking), Fordyce spotson lips do not cause any impact to health, but it is a common skin problem. Below fordycespotsonlips presents some tips and a few options for the treatment of Fordyce spots on the lips.

Fordyce Spots on Lips Women

Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatment

As mentioned earlier, the Fordyce spots are harmless, they will be reduced from time to time over the years, which makes them the most attention is in terms of aesthetics, they make the patient feel that loss of confidence, the figure decreased to love, so Fordyce spots may not require treatment, but if it makes you nervous, you can choose one of the following treatments:

Gel or cream tretinoin

Tretinoin Cream is one of the most common treatments used for Fordyce spots. You need to keep in mind is to always remember to apply it to your lips at least three times / day. It is best to apply it to your lips in the morning, noon, and night before going to bed.

Burned by laser

Cryosurgery (Treatment and removal of Fordyce spots on lips by using extremely cold temperatures, a good news for people who choose this treatment method is that it does not cause any pain and does not leave scars on the lips.), vaporizing laser treatments, pulse dye lasers treatment are some other medical treatment options for the treatment of Fordyce granules

Chemical peels

Chemical peel such as TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) can be used to treat this condition.

This treatment is used to peel off the skin.

You should also regularly use lip moisturizer with a cream of good quality, because this is extremely sensitive lips.

In addition to the methods listed above, there are a few other methods for the treatment of Fordyce spots on lips as:

Vaporizing laser treatments

Pulse dye lasers treatment

Fordyce spots on lips home treatment

Try to add to your diet foods contain high levels of minerals and vitamins: folic acid, Vitamins B Complex, A, C, D, E and K.

Develop the habit of good oral hygiene clean, hydrated salt before you go to sleep at night.

If you have tried to implement the above method to fordyce spots on lips treatment, but really sad that treatment outcome is not as you'd expect, these modern methods to help fordyce spots on lips treatment does not work with you,you believe in folk remedies from long-standing? I know a method to answer for those who are looking for answers to the question: how to get rid of fordyce spots on lips? let's read together for reference and application, this may very useful for you:

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots on Lips by Folk or Fordyce Spots on Lips Natural Treatment

Use spices have antimicrobial properties, typical example is garlic, garlic is known to have healing powers and kill bacteria for a long time, garlic can help eliminate any bacteria in the teeth mouth, and to participate in the removal of Fordyce spots on lips. So you should add garlic to your spices in each dish.

Other folk have an experience for the treatment of Fordyce spots on lips again it's: Fordyce spots very afraid fruits are sour, you can use lemon juice, or any other sour fruit, acid-rich natural to use it on your lips, for half an hour, then wash your lips with warm water, do so continuously for 5 to 7 days, 3 times per day, will be very effective to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips.

Psychological Impact On The Patient And Side Effects Of Medications Used To Treat Fordyce Spots On Lips

Many cases of suicide were reported to be related to the use of acne medication without a doctor's prescription. According to an article on Vietmercury. com, a 15-year-old boy, was driving a gratuitous personal planes crashing into buildings in Florida related to the use of an acne drug, after an investigation to determine the cause received the boy's suicide was not related to terrorism. The author, Dr. VQDai Agnews Hospital, San Joe said: "He does not use drugs or synthetic drug, but taking Accutane is an acne medication severe".

The reason for the acne medication Accutane may be accompanied by side effects, it can lead to consequences of action described above is due to serious complications. In particular, according to the doctor's VQDai complications that the patient becomes melancholy when drugs, as do many patients feel despondent and suicidal, and there are people who really want to commit suicide ... therefore, you should only be using accutane  as directed by a doctor specializing in dermatology.

With drugs such as Accutane, your doctor explain the harmful effects of drugs and patients must commit to not get pregnant or are using effective contraception. The drug Accutane or Roaccutane (Isotretinoiine name is different), or similar type Nimegen only 20mg drug used to treat severe types of acne, nodular acne lumps or treated in many ways, but do not bring the results.

Roacutane with the brand name Isotretinoin. in addition, it also markets other trade names are akinol, acnotin. This drug is used to treat acne and treat fordyce spots on lips with inhibitory mechanism of mucus on the skin causes acne, use it for some time will atrophy of the pimple (not in effect immediately short time, have at least a month to start seeing effects). Patients use of akinol 10mg, 1 tablet / day, for about 3 months, then reduce the dose to drink a day, as a way to prevent pimples.

Side effects when using medications to treat fordyce spots on lips is very much, so caution should be used, and should have the guidance of Dr. dermatology. in the process of using this medication, it is best to go checkup 3 months / time or 6 months / time, check triglyceric, cholesterol and liver enzyme levels to be a reasonable adjustment.

When you use these medicines to treat fordyce spots will see lips and the skin becomes dry, dry throat, which is inhibited by slime is not excreted in the skin, the mucus in the blood, making concentration triglyceric in the blood increases.

In addition to medication, there are components cream 0.1 isotretinoin, 0:05%, isotrez trade name, which is used to treat acne and Fordyce spots are also very effective. When this cream on the Fordyce spots, it will erode the acne, and also treat the bruises caused by acne. If you want to try, before use of 0:05%, if the treatment effect 'may be transferred to type 0.1%, with stronger effects for treatment fordyce spots on lips.

I hope that this article gives you an overview of Fordyce spots on lips, and to help you grasp the measures that can be used to treat Fordyce spots, with Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatment article on this blog we hope that you have been your own solution to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips, we wish you luck and success.

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