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What Are Fordyce Spots On Lips

Fordyce Spots On Lips are small spots appear on the skin, they are usually yellow-white, or white, Fordyce Spots are harmless to our body, they are found on the lips and genitals, Fordyce Spots are found in the penis in men, and they are also found in the vagina of women.

What Are Fordyce Spots On Lips?

They are formed by the process of increasing the skin's production of sebum, which is an overgrowth of sebaceous glands, normal development process oil glands help keep your skin from drying out and cracking. You can see the white spots on lips appearance, they may be sparse spots, they can also gather in clusters on the lips.

Fordyce Spots On Lips
Fordyce Spots On Lips

Why they are named as Fordyce spots?

The disease was named after the doctor dermatologist named John Fordyce, Fordyce Spots or Fordyce granules are relatively common in men and in women they often appear with a low density level and than in women, but the level of expression of Fordyce on each person is very different. They are known to begin to appear when you begin to step into puberty and lasts throughout life, although it has been known to decrease with age. This means that Fordyce spots on the lips will decrease as your age increases over the years.

Pictures of Fordyce spots on the genitals in men and women
Pictures of Fordyce spots on the genitals in men and women

What influence of Fordyce spots on lips to health?

We once again assure you that this Fordyce spots on lips are a completely natural appearance of the body, they are absolutely not sexually transmitted infections, or Fordyce infection when we kiss, are fordyce spots on lips contagious? Fordyce spots on lips is not contagious disease.

Men very worried when they found a few different color than the skin around the penis, men often worry that they may have a sexually transmitted disease or some form form of cancer, this is inevitable, because in the sexually active men were more abundant in women. This makes them worry and anxiety seem to be standing when the man sees the appearance of strange colored spots on their penis and what their sexual partner might think of the points fordyce this. These points on the penis and around the mouth also has been proven to cause anxiety.

Sebaceous Gland with Follicle

Due to the sensitive nature of this Fordyce spots (they usually appear in the sensitive points on the body, they often appear in the confidential or sensitive areas on the body of man or woman), Fordyce spots are known to cause avoid human proximity, such as limited embrace intimate level and avoid intimacy or sexual activity, this can be a spiritual burden for many people with Fordyce attack, and can lead some people with depression. We understand that when you are here on the blog about Fordyce spots on lips mean you are bothered about it, and Fordyce spots are causing you to worry.

Fordyce point should not be confused with "Genitalis Papillaris Hirsuties" or pearl papules penis, it can also be mistaken for herpes disease, because Fordyce and herpes are the outward manifestations of patients are quite similar.

Can fordyce spots on lips become itchy

Fordyce spots are very common, it is found in men is usually found on the genitals ( it is sometimes referred to as fordyce spots on balls, fordyce spots on shaft and fordyce spots on scrotum) as red dots or white dots, when they appear on the lips, they can be seen as red dots on lips or red spots on lips. Fordyce spots on the lips is the second most common form of Fordyce spots (Fordyce spots appear on the genitals for the most popular).

Fordyce spots can occur with very little density, you can easily counted, but sometimes in some people they appear quite thick density, can form clumps with larger size. Before they appear you can not recognize because they have no symptoms go ahead. If the Fordyce spots on lips makes you itch a lot, I would advise you to see a doctor. Some medical tests will be used to capture the state of your skin, because of Fordyce spots are not itchy, itching caused Fordyce spots are rare.

What should I do when the Fordyce spots on lips appear on my lips?

If you are worried about Fordyce Spots On Lips, read these tips to remove Fordyce Spots On Lips on this blog, we have the methods to eliminate them by folk tip (takes more time than modern methods), or if you do not have time to wait for traditional methods are effective, you can burn the Fordyce spots by laser.
I hope that this article gives you an overview of Fordyce spots on lips, and to help you answer the question: What Are Fordyce Spots On Lips ?.